CODE: A3340

Card Transaction with Credit

  • We follow the menu> credit card > credir card transactions steps.

  • Then, can write the relevant card information as displayed on the screen below. There is no limit to the card number we can write. There is no setting related to this situation. If you wish, you can also combine a number 1234.2019 or 438385 that you have produced yourself on the card. After entering the card number, you will go to the next step by pressing enter.

  • There is card information on the screen that comes up. To the card we will load;

  • *In which currency,

  • *Which client/customer,

  • *Gives us options about which payment method we will issue the card with.

  • After the relevant customer selection has been made, it is now time to use the card. If the card usage steps are as shown on the screen below, you must first read the card.

  • When you spend with the card, you close the account by saying close the account. You can view the account-related transaction breakdown as stated below and see your balance.



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