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Restaurant QR Menu System

First step : Register with this page 

  • Define your  Stock Categories at "Products Management" - "Product" Section

  • After creating your products, you can access the specially created QR link address by clicking the access link from the System Branches area to create a QR Menu.

  • With the link created, you can create a QR code from wherever you want and put it on your tables. (You need to print the QR code with the generated link from external applications.


  • With the reading of the QR code, your menus will be presented to your customers digitally.

Wolvox Restaurant Integration and Receiving Order With QR Menu

With Wolvox Restaurant integration;

  • You can receive your orders with the QR Menu,
  • You can match your tables in the QR Menu and Wolvox Restaurant program,
  • You can have your received orders with the QR Menu automatically will be shown  into the Wolvox Restaurant Online area.

Settings you need to do for these;

  • First, must create a user from the "Admins" section on the QR menu panel. We will need to define the username and password that you have defined for the user in the Wolvox Restaurant program> Akinsoft QR Menu settings.

  • Wolvox Restaurant - Menu - Program Settings - Akınsoft QR Menu tab by selecting Restaurant ID, User Name, Password (You Defined in the Previous Article) and Branch. For product and menu matching, you must match your products in your Wolvox Restaurant and Akınsoft QR Menu panel.

  • For Receiving Order with  the QR menu; You need to make your table definitions from the area indicated in the picture below. It should be noted that the table definitions in our Wolvox Restaurant program and the table definitions you will create in your Akınsoft QR Menu panel with the same name.


  • After the Table Definitions are created, you can click on the table and give the specially created password to your customer, allowing you to take orders from the table. When your customer leaves the table, you can reset the password by clicking on the table.

  • Orders received will automatically visible at the "Online" field in our Wolvox Restaurant program. With the pop-up window opened in our Wolvox Restaurant program, you are automatically reminded that you have your order.

  • You can list your received orders in detail from the "Order Reports" tab in your Akinsoft QR Menu panel.

  • For different Domain forwarding process, you need to redirect your domain to and servers after purchasing a different domain module.

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