CODE: A3197

Wolvox Restaurant Waiter Definition and Authorizations

You must go to ''Client Definitions'' and create an account for each waiter in Wolvox ERP in order to add waiter information to the bills in Wolvox Restaurant program.


Enter the name and last name of the corresponding waiter on ''Client Definitions'' windows in Wolvox ERP.



Go to ''Client Definitions'' windows, click ''Custom Info 2'' tab, select ''Waiter'' and define the password that the waiter will use to login in ''Wolvox Restaurant PDA'' program. This password is also used to login in ''Waiter Screen''. You must define unique passwords for each waiter.



After that, go to Menu > Admin > Waiter Authorizations in Wolvox Restaurant to give authorizations to the waiter.



Check the boxes for the authorizations you would like to give the waiter on ''Waiter Authorizations''.


On this window, you can give authorizations for ''Waiter Screen'' and ''Wolvox Restaurant PDA''.



If the bill in Wolvox Restaurant program is opened from ''Wolvox Restaurant PDA'' or ''Waiter Screen'', the waiter's full name will be added to the bill automatically.


To select a waiter for the bill that is opened in Wolvox Restaurant program, click on the ''Waiter'' button on top-left corner of the Bill window.


If the waiter information is entered in the Bills, the reports will also show the information about the waiters.


The password that you defined waiter in client definitions must be the same as the user password in Wolvox User Definition in Waiter Screen.


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