CODE: A2817

Differences between WOLVOX Restaurant and Restaurant Lite





Restaurant (Lite)

The integration with WOLVOX Hotel program

Unlimited table record



Defining unlimited product


Defining unlimited product group


Defining unlimited table group


Appearance of product images


Splitting bill



The sales according different units


Closing the account with multiple payment options


Usage on touch-screen monitor


Splitting bill processes

Opening multiple accounts to a table


Printing bills as invoice


Menu sales


Open account sales

Defining new customer


Current debt collection

Bill, printing to the kitchen,etc design


Menu simplification

Display price process

The extra price entry to per independent person or per bill from products


Defining VIP tables


Mass sales

Product-based or department-based kitchen printing system


Usage of kitchen screen


Providing bonus to customers (with a bonus system license)

Waiter screen

Treating product

Caller ID

Reservation system

Package sales system

Package sales 2 system

Listing open and closed bills

Independent section definitions

Time limited table definitions

Alarm system

Courier tracking system

Credit card system

End of day

Open bill control system

Automatic production system

Mini warehouse count

Customer screen

Waiter performance board

The integration of online scales

Printing official bill

Getting interim payment

Prepayment system

Stock balance control system

Client balance control system (Credit account)

The integration with Restaurant PDA module


The integration with waiter calling system


Disco-Bar screen

Account rounding

Adding automatic extra

Tip distribution table and tip processes


Sales reports
• Waiter sales distribution report
• The sales distribution according to tables
• The sales distribution according to table groups
• Dead stocks report
• ERP restaurant menu and graphs of detailed analysis


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