CODE: A2972

Commercial Program Management (Integration Management)

  • In order for your client accounts in Wolvox ERP to view their balances and make payments, you need to fill in the processes from the "Integration => Commercial Program Management" the field below.



  • Version: You have to choose which package of Wolvox you are using, for example you have to select as Wolvox 8 if you are using Wolvox 8.
  • IP No: You need to enter your fixed ip number. If you do not have a fixed ip number, you need to get your fixed ip number by contacting your internet infrastructure provider.
  • Username: The "username" that you logged in as admin must be entered in the control panel. If you have not made any changes, write SYSDBA.
  • Password: It is necessary to enter the "password" that you log in as admin in the control panel.
  • Port: The update port must be opened on your fixed ip. If your update port has not changed, you need to open port 3056.
  • Company Code: In Wolvox ERP, it is necessary to specify the company code of company to work about and company's client information will be obtained.
  • Branch Code: If there is a branch on the company you work on Wolvox ERP, the branch code must be written of branch and branch's client information will be obtained.

Working Year: The working year that you worked on Wolvox ERP should be written. When the turnover processes are done, the working year here should be changed. If not changed, client payments are transferred to the old working year.

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