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Installing Wolvox With Unicode Data

  • Created 22.09.2021
  • Update 21.07.2022
  • Category MSSQL Server

You will see how to install the Wolvox with Unicode data and how to use Wolvox programs with the different alphabets in this article.


If you have not installed any version of SQL yet, you can get a download link and installation steps of SQL Server 2019 from our article below. There are some tips to take care for the best results.


These are;

1)SQL installation has to be finalized in English.

2)The Instance that you will create in the installation progress has to contain the 'CI_AI' character set. Complex character sets may cause some problems.


For example, "Latin1_General_100_CI_AI". You can use this character set in any case of yours. We will set this character set as Unicode data When you finalized installation of Control Panel.


For x64 systems;

Click to get access to the article of SQL Server 2019 installation.


Since SQL Server 2019 does not support 32-bit systems, follow the installation instructions of SQL Server 2012 in the link below if your system is 32-bit.


For x32 systems;

Click to get access to the article of SQL Server 2012 installation.


You can start to install the Wolvox when you finalize the installation of SQL.


Click to get access to Wolvox Installer.


When the download is complete, run the 'wis8setup' file in the 'Kur' folder. Complete the installation of the Installer program in English.


  • Select language and press the 'OK' button.


  • Click the 'Next' button.


  • Mark the option of 'Create desktop shortcut' according to your will. Then press the 'Next' button.


  • Press 'Finish' button.


  • Some options will welcome you when the Wolvox Installer is open. Choose "This computer will be used as both server and client computers" choice.

  • Choose the Wolvox Control Panel and the other programs then press the 'Download' button.


It is important to install the Wolvox Control Panel in English. You can change the language after you finalize the installation according to your will. Extract .zip file that you download and install programs by starting with the 'Wolvox Control Panel'.

The following steps show the 'Control Panel' installation, other program installations should be done in the same way.


  • Run the Control Panel setup.


  • Press the 'Next' button.


  • Press the "Next" button.


  • Press the "Next" button.


  • Select the folder that you want to install Wolvox programs. If you do not choose the folder, it will be installed in the default path. (C:\AKINSOFT\Wolvox8)


  • Mark 'Create desktop shortcut' and 'Start Database Update after installation' choices then press the 'Next' button.


  • Press the 'Install' button.


  • When the setup is completed, press the 'Finish' button.


  • The Control Panel will be opened automatically when installation is done. There will be database choice section on opened page.


  • Choose 'Microsoft SQL Server' and press the 'Ok' button.


  • Confirm your choice in this step.


  • Choose the Instance that you created on the 'Additional Info' tab.

Note: If you get 'Socket Error #10054 Connection Reset By Peer' warning in Instance selection, it is because SQL services are not running. Click for the article with the solution steps.


  • Fill the 'Username' and 'Password' areas in the 'General' tab. Type 'sa' into username. Type the password that you defined in the SQL Management Studio. 
  • Press the 'Ok' button. 


  • When you press the 'Ok' button after typing the information, you need to select the language of the database to be created from the window that appears. The selection here should be the same as the Instance in the SQL Server installation. When you press the 3 dots in this window, you will see character sets options.


  • Make choice and mark the 'Unicode Character Set' option.


Not: If you stick with example in begining of this article, you can select Latin1_General_CI_AI and mark the 'Unicode Character Set' choice. 

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