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Installing Steps Of Wolvox Installer and Wolvox Control Panel (Excluding Latin Alphabet)

  • Created 22.09.2021
  • Update 23.09.2021
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In the beginning , before setting up AKINSOFT's programs you have to install at least SQL Server 2019 on your computer. Click here for installation. 

After that, you need to download the installer from the link

When the download is completed, you are going to open the file that you have downloaded. 

Moreover, for setuping the program you will click on "Kur" folder and than you will click on setup file.

Click on "OK" to continue installing the AKINSOFT Installer. 



In this screen, you will click on "Next".



In this screen, create desktop shortcut option will be selected, after that click on "Next". Program automatically sets up the installer.



At the end of setup, run AKINSOFT Wolvox Installer option will be selected. After that, click on "Finish".



When the installation is completed, this screen runs into on your desktop. Additionally, there are some options available for you.

"This computer will be used as a server computer" option for the main pc. Because AKINSOFT Wolvox Kontrol Panel will be installed just on main pc.

"This computer will be used as a client computer" option for the client users. Just AKINSOFT programs will be installed. (AKINSOFT Wolvox Kontrol Panel won't be installed).

"This computer will be used as both server and client computers." option for main and client pc. 





In this screen, you need to select English For Wolvox Kontrol Panel Setup. After that, you need to click on "OK" .



In this step, you need to click on "Next".



To proceed your setup, you need to select "I accept the agreement" after that, click on "Next".



In this step, click on "Next".



Here, you need to select the folder in which the program is going to be installed. If you don't choose any folder it will be set up in common folder. (C:\AKINSOFT\Wolvox 8)



In this additional tasks screen, you need to select "create desktop shortcut" and "start database update after installation". After that, click on "Next".



Finally, click on "Install".



When the setup is completed, click on "Finish".



In this screen , you are going to select database server "Microsoft SQL Server".



When you select the database server, you will click on "OK".



In this screen, there is a message and than you click on "Yes".



In this screen, firstly click on Additional Info. Furthermore, you need to select your instance.



In general, you need to write your username and password.



Finally, you need to select your unicode charset. After that, browse your collation. Select it and click on "OK". 



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