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WOLVOX Restaurant is the management system for restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars and pastry shops, developed by AKINSOFT, the leader of commercial, sectoral and ERP software of Turkey. The operations you can do in the program are briefly as follows:


You can use it fully integrated with WOLVOX pre-accounting program.

You can arrange table and adition buttons as you like

Fix menu and a few items can be processed with a one-touch process orders.

The images added to the stock cards can be displayed as an add button.

With the use of the system you can minimize losses and leaks.

You can close the admission with multiple payment option(cash, pos, food check, etc.)

With the Caller ID feature, you can speed up your package ordering process.

You can print your draft receipts as invoices.

You can get quick order with touch screen and PDA device support.

You can make reservation records, you can make forward reservation plans.

You can define time limited tables.(Billiard table etc.)

Tables that are not defined time limited can be added to the bill later.

You can open an unlimited of accounts on a table

By using prepaid membership system you can create a way of working like a credits.






  1. USAGE


    1. Table Opening Processes



Table opening processes is where you can track which tables are empty or which of your customers in the tables are about to get up. It is enough to click on the table to open or make process to an open table.

In order to make a sale, you have to make a table opening process by selecting the table where the customer is sitting in the main menu. The first thing you do here is to press the “Open Bill” button. You will open the table at this point. Directly “General Customer” will be opened. To open an account with a different customer, you can make a selection by pressing the “Select Customer” button.


Once you have turned on the table and made the necessary selections, you need to select the products that are sold to the table. Just click on the registered products for this. The product you choose on this page is added to the customer account. If you have a unit definition in your products (half, small, double etc) and you are applying a different price for them, you can enter the prices associated with the units by entering them in the “Prices” field after entering these definitions from the unit definitions on the stock card. If you do this, the opposite unit selection screen will come up when you click to add the product to the name. You can choose from here. You can also add pictures from your stock card if you want the images of your products to appear in the ad title again. In order to transfer you stocks that have been registered in the pre account to Restaurant program, we press the “Design” button above. At the bottom the “Add Product” button will be active. You can select individual products and transfer them to the relevant departments. If you press the “Design” button the second time, you can carry (You have to make the addition of the product to one time.)



You can process by selecting a registered client from the “Customer” button. If you click on the button, you can choose your client from the list. You can edit selected client with “Edit” button, you can make a new car record with the “New” button.


From the waitress button, you can choose the waitress who will process the table you are on.


With the Person button you can enter the number of people on the table.


You can enter discount rate or amount by checking discount option.


You can enter the quantitiy for products on bill.


You can enter explanation for the products.


With the Alarm button you can set an alarm for the time limited tables. You will come across a warning screen for the table that expires. When you click warning it directs to you to table.


With the Operations button you can transfer the selected table to another table, sort the receipt by the food, split the bill.


With the Treating button you can choose the products to be treated. What you need to do is to press the “Treating” button while you are on the product. If all the products are treat, you need to apply to all transaction.

Close Bill

With Close Bill button you can close the bill of the table. You will have the Close bill options.(Bill closing option you have saved from the definitions.). Here you can choose the payments type you have received from your customer.

New Bill

You can use this button to open multiple bill to the same table.


With the Cancel button you can cancel the products that are added incorrectly.


You can manually change the price of the product entered with the price button.


You can use this section to add products with barcode number.

Add From Stock List

You can use this button to add products from stock list.

Add Extra

You can use this button to add an extra fee to the table. You can specify the processing type, extra type, descripton and price of the opened window.

Check Price

You can see the price of product with this button.




For customers who want to make reservation, you can register from this area. In this way, you can track which days and hours your customers will arrive and adjust your desk accordingly.

Info of the person who has reserved

This division allows you to enter the information of the bookmaker. You can choose from the cleints with “Find From Record” button. With the “Clear” button you can delete the entered entries.

Rezervation Info

You can add booking information from this section. You can enter information such as date, time, person. You can specify the booked status from “Status”.

Rezerved Tables

The tables registered in the restaurant program list here after filling in the reservation information and pressing “Save” button. You can add tables with “Right direction” button to rezerved tables list.

Rezervation Filtration

You can list the reservations you have saved in this section using filters, you can edit by opening reservation you have selected.

Open Bill

You can open reserved table quickly with the “Open Bill” button.



You can follow your package sales from this section. It is suitable for companies that are self-servicing or servicing houses. The operations are the same as in Bill. By clicking on the “New Order” button you will open new record for each new order. This process makes it easy for the companies that provide service to the houses and business places, package sales module of Wolvox Restaurant program provide great convenience to the end users. You can provide intagration with Caller ID as you like. If you are using a Caller ID,a “Phone Call” alert will be displayed when your customer calls you to place an order. If you click on the alert and the contact information is registered, you can get the orders with “Open Bill” and if not registered, you can receive the order in series by saying “Open New Current Card” and write the informatin about your customer. By reflecting the information you receive on the receipt, you will be able to provide convenience to your staff.

Package Order Tracking screen, you can track packages waiting for your courier, courier entries-exits.




You can sell all the tables from this are in bulk.

For Example: If you have tea sales to all the tables, select tea product and press “Apply Mass Sale” button. Then select tables you wanna make sales and click OK. The products is added to the tables you selected.




The design are is used for editing purposes throughout the program. For example: If you press the “Design” button while in the “Tables” area, you can set your tables according to your table layout. For this you can use the alignment buttons on the right side after pressing the design button and you can move tables to hte desired area with the mouse. If you click design button while in the “Bill” section, you can add products registered from ERP. To do this, press design button and then press “Add Product” button at the button. A search window will be available for the stocks you have saved in the Pre-Accounting program. Clicling on the stock you want to add will be enough. With the mouse you can move products anywhere. Or you can click on the button next yo the add product button to automatically sort the products you have added. With Delete button you can delete products. Once you have completed your process, press the design button again.




      6.1. Admin

      1. Log-Out



If you press this button, you will log-out and see the username and password screen. Enter information in the user name and password field in this area. In the Server Settings section, enter the IP and port information of the host computer. You can reset the company you previously set as the default by pressing the Clear Default Company button.




      1. Company Selection


Company Selection

You can select your company from this screen. If you have more than one branch, you can choose from Branch section. If you select Make this coice default, when you log in, the company is automatically selected as your last selected company and branch.




      1. Select Section

Select Section

You can select Independent section definition from this screen and can only see the tables belonging to that section. If you check ”Remember Selection” option, you will automatically open the section you select when you log in.



      1. Waiter Authorities

Waiter Authorities

You can authorize your waiters to use the program from the Waiters Authorities screen. Select the waiterwith the “Select Waiter” button, the authorities will show to you. You only need to press the save button after marking the authorities.




      1. Tip Distribution


Tip Distribution

You can specify the rate of tip distribution from here. If you want to add a group to tip distribution, use the “Add New Tip Group”. You can enter the rate of tip distribution by clicking the button “Edit” after adding group. When make end of day operation, you can see the calculated amounts by writing total tip on “Tip Distribution” section.




  1. 2. Program Settings


      1. Table Groups



From this area you can enter group definitions that you will use for your tables. For example: If you are serving in a garden, you can define the table group as garden. You can see definitions you made on the tables screen.



      1. Table Records


Table Records

You can define tables which you will use to service your customers from this area.


With the Add button you can add tables one by one. You can add information such as table name, group and number of people

Mass Add

With the Mass Add button you can add your tables in mass. Example: First table name M01, last table name M05 and number digit count 2 digit. When you press save button program will create M01-M02-M03-M04-M05 tables.

Edit- Delete

You can make changes on the tables you have added with the Edit button, and delete the tables with Delete button.



    1. 3.Adisyon Ürün Grupları


Bill Product Groups

You can define product groups to be used for sales from this area. For example, if you register hot beverages, dessert and other groups and place the products in these groups, you will find eash product within its own group and you will be able to make transactions easier. You can also adjust the height and width of the group buttons here.




    1. 4. Printer Settings

Printer Settings

On this section you can define the printer you want to print.


With this button you can add your printer. You can design selected file by pressing Design button. From Available Printer section you can select your printer.

Edit- Delete

With the Edit button you can edit the printer definitions you have added, you can delete it with the Delete button.


With this button you can design print files.



    1. 5.Printer Selections


Printer Selections

From this section you can select the printers you have defined so you can determine which printer you will print from during printing.

Print Settings

In the Print Settings section, you can check the settings for printer output. Kitchen and Bill Printing Test Mode is important to test design files.




    1. 6.Kitchen Printing System

Kitchen Printing System

When printing products, you can choose to send the products to different printers according to product group or product type.

By Product Group

When you select send to different printers by product groups, you can select printers according to the Bill Product Group in Bill Department Printers. For example, you can print the products belonging to the Beverage from Bar printer and print products belonging to the Kebabs product group from Kitchen printer.

By Product Type

You can select individual printers for each product when you select Send one by one to different printers by product type. For example you can print Döner product from Kitchen printer and tea product from Bar printer.



    1. 7.PDA Server

PDA Server

If you have Restaurant PDA, you can configure PDA settings from here. This computer will be used as PDA server box must be checked and you need to enter port on PDA.



    1. 8.View Settings


View Settings

You can change the settings related to the view of the program from the view settings.

General View

You can adjust the settings related to the main menu of the program from General view. For example, if you do not use package sales, you can remove Package Sale saction.

Optional Functions.

In this section, you can chage the view settings on the Adition screen. For example, you can block the customer address from appearing by checking Remove customer address.

Theme Settings

You can change the theme settings from this section.



    1. 9.Ekstra İndirim



From this section you can set extra or discount settings by default. You can choose Extra Processing Type as amount and process fixed amount or you can choose percentage and apply diffrent amount. Extra Type can be selected as Thoughout table or per person.

Use Extra Auromatically

When this option is checked, Extra will be automatically process to table when it is opened.




    1. 10.Reservation


Here you can change your default reservation settings.



    1. 11.Usage Settings


Usage Settings

In this section, you can select general settings such as counter selection, cursor positioning, warning settings for using the program.

Program Definition

From here you can write a text you like and make it appear at the top of the program next to the Akınsoft text.



    1. 12.Pre Accounting – General Accounting

Pre Accounting- General Accounting

From this section you can choose the depots and counters you created in the pre-accounting and the account code for general accounting use.

Default Warehouse

From this section you can choose the warehouse you defined in pre accounting. You can choose different warehouses for bill product group.

Default Customer Card

You can change the default customer from here. You need to type client code.



    1. 13.Balance Control System


Balance Control System

You can check the current balance using Client Debit Balance. When this box is ticked, if client balance get credit program will notify you and block the process. You can also select the client group and make this control to specific group




    1. 14.Disco – Bar – Club Entry


Disco – Bar – Club Entry

From this screen you can specify the billing line description for the disco-bar-club login screen, and you can print the automatic receipt when you log in. You can use these fees on the login screen by defining multiple fixed fees. You need to mark the disco – bar – club entry screen option. With this your staff can open their disco – bar – club screen with their username and password.


With the Add button you can define a new rate. You can change the definitions we have added with the Edit button. You can delete definitions with the Delete button.



    1. 15.Bill Closing Options

Bill Closing Options

In the Bill Closing Option section, you can select the payment types you can use when closing the bill. You can define an extra payment method(ticket, sodexo) in the pre-accounting program from additional operation type definitions.



    1. 16.Time Limited Table Tariffs


Time Limited Table Tariffs

You can create a tariff for tables that you have time limit(exp. Billiards). It is enought to specify the minute interval and add the fee. You have to make a selection from Table Records tariff you defined for the tables.



    1. 17.Independent Sections

Independent Section

From this section, you can create independent sections for your Restaurant, so that you can make a division between your staff and the desk groups. You can select sections when you log in to program.


You can create sections with the Add button. You can modify the definiton you create with the Edit button. You can delete definitions with the Delete button.

Table Group Matching

You can match table groups and Independent sections from this part.

Staff Matching

You can match your staff and Independent section. So when your staff logs in to program, they can see only the tables belong to staff's independent section.

Waiter Matching

You can match waiter and independent section. Works same as staff matching.




    1. 18.Prepayment System Definitions



Prepayment System Definitions

You can use the prepaid system with multiple alternatives depending on your usage needs;

  1. Your customers can use a product for a certain period or for indefinite period of time, with the condition that the payment is made in advance. You will be able to use product A free of charge for an indefinite period of time until the las validity date to your customer.

  2. You can use the product you specify at a certain price, indefinitely, at a certin amount or at an unlimited amount, at a discount. This means that you will be able to use product A at a discouted rate up to the last validity date, or indefinitely, at a certain amount or at an unlimited amount.




    1. 19.Customer Screen


Customer Screen

The customer screen is a screen where you can display account information to customers from a different screen.



    1. Definitions

      1. Stock Details

        1. Menu Definitions


Menu Definitions

Before you can define a menu, you must first create menu record from your pre accounting program. After creating the record, you need to create the menu contents by pressing the add to stock button. You need to enter how many in a menu, if there is price difference you need to specify it. When you select this menu on bill screen, items in the menu will automatically be added to the order.




      1. 2. Stock Description Definitions


Stock Description Definitions

You can save description definitions for your stocks from this screen. If the price difference is to be applied depending on the explanation, you can also write it in the price difference field. With Add From Stock button you can add stocks as explanation.




      1. 3. Alternative Definitions


Alternative Definitions

From the Alternative Definitions, you can change one product with another. For example; for the beverage you create in the Menu Definition, you can create a Alternative Definition to get a different drink according to the customer's wishes. If there is a price difference between the products, you can enter from price difference part.



    1. 2.Description for All Products


Description for All Products

You can define description for all your stocks. You can define description group base if you dont want to apply all your stocks. Depending on the description, you can specify the price difference.




      1. PDA Product Sorting


PDA Product Sorting

You can sort products that you will use in PDA program. First select group from Select Group button. Then specify order you want from sorting area.



    1. 3. PDA Tablet Menu Product Image Records

PDA Tablet Menu Product Image Records

From this screen you can select the pictures of the groups you will use in your PDA program. First select group then select ımage from Group Image field




    1. Screen

      1. Bills


From this screen you can see your open bills. You can open by double click.



    1. 2. All Bills


All Bills

From this screen you can see all open and closed bills. You can see selected bill detail, open bill or reopen selected bill. You can filter by the criteria you specify from the filtering section. You can close all bills with one button.




    1. 3.Courier Bill Report


Courier Bill Report (Open Bills)

You can see your courier bills from this screen. Working princible is same as All Bills screen.



    1. 4.Package Order Tracking Screen


Package Order Tracking Screen

From this screen you can follow your orders waiting for courier, courier entries-exits.




    1. 5.Disco-Pub-Club Home Screen


Disco-Pub-Club Home Screen

From this screen you can check the entries and fees selecting the Disco-Bar-Club entrance fees you have defined.




    1. 6.Detailed Receipt Report


Detailed Receipt Report

On this screen, you can see detailed information such as bill information, product sales, sales by product groups, cancellation report, total sales by fairy tale, total sales by waiters.




  1. 5. Client Operations    
    6. 5.1.Quick Client Record



Quick Client Report

From this screen you can quickly make a client registration. After entering the information such as client code, name, surname click the save button to complete the recording. You can enter detailed information from Pre-Accounting program.



    1. 2. Client Collection Entry


Client Collection Entry

You can make collection imput from selected client. By pressing the transfer button, you can transfer the total balance or you can manually enter the transaction amount manually. According to you process type selection, you will have cash or bank selection.





    1. Cash Processes

      1. Income- Expense Entry


Income-Expense Entry

From this section you can make cash input or output from cash account you choose. You need to type the transaction amount and select cash account and press save button. You can print payment voucher with print button. If you want to change design for payment voucher, you can use design button under Print section.



    1. 2.Cash Bank Transfer


Cash Bank Transfer

You can transfer money between cash-bank accounts. You can choose Bank-Cash or Cash-Bank as process. Once you have typed the transaction amount and selected bank account, you need to press the save button to complete transfer.




    1. 3.Cash Transfer


Cash Transfer

From cash transfer screen you can transfer cash between cash accounts. After specifying the source and target, type the transfer amount and press Apply Transfer button.




    1. 4.Cash Turnovers


Cash Turnovers

You can perform your cash turnover process from this section. Enter Amount and press Add button to ad countings section. You can save the added recordings with the save button.




    1. End of Day

      1. Cash Count


Cash Count

It works same as Cash Turnover. You can type the count amount and add it with the Add button. Save your counts with Save button.



    1. 2. End of Day Warehouse Count


End of Day Warehouse Count

End of Day Warehouse Count screen you can enter warehouse counts.. After warehouse selection, the stocks that are registered are listed. Enter the counted amount and press save button. You can continue later if counting is not completed. After end of day process the count values are reset.




    1. 3.End of Day Report



End of Day Report

You can make end of day process from End of Day Report. When you press the Make End of Day button, program make end of day process from last date you made.




    1. Quick Stock Record


Quick Stock Record

With Quick Stock Record screen you can register new stocks from the Restaurant program or make changes on your existing stocks. To register a new stock, simply enter the stock code, the name, the buy/sell price, and then press the Save button. To make changes to the existing stock card, select from the list screen by pressing the ... button. The stock information you chose will come up. You can change it here and press the Save button.



  1. 8.Credit Card
      1. Credit Card Transactions


Credit Card Transactions

From this section you can make Credit Card Transaction. When you enter the Credit Card number Sand press Enter, Card Information screen will be displayed. From Sale Amount field you can deposite money to credit card. This amount can be used later for expenses.


You can see the transactions made on the card from the Process section.

Print Card

With Print Card button you can print bill for credit cart.

General Customer

You can select general customer.

Find Customer

You can select registered customer with this button.

New Customer

You can register new customer.


With return button you can make return credit from credit card.

Print Bill

You can print transactions from precesses tab with Print Bill button.




    1. 2.Kredili Kart Raporu


Credit Card Report

From Credit Card Report you can see loaded, spending, balance amounts.

Open Record

You can open selected records credit card transaction screen.

Reset Balance

You can reset balance for credit cards with this button.




  1. 9. Caller ID Call List


Caller ID Call List

You can see call records from Caller ID device on Caller ID Call List secreen.. You can create client for phone numbers. You can create bill for records.




  1. 10.  Prepayment
    6.10.1. Prepayment Entry



Prepayment Entry

You can get a prepayment for the client you choose from this screen.. You need to create prepayment definition from Program Settings- Prepayment System Definitions first. Then you can choose definitions from prepayment definition field.



    1. 2. Prepayment Control List


Prepayment Control List

On the Prepayment Control List screen, you can see list of the payments you have definied on the prepayment section. You can see the details of the selected prepayment in Usage Details section.



    1. Tools



In the Tools section you can find some additional utilities that you can use in the program. You can edit with Edit Tools and you can add your own programs.



  1. 12. Notes


Add A New Note

You can use this button to add a new note. You can adjust date and time for your note and add alarm. Enter your note and press save button. You note will be displayed on every screen.

Show – Hide Notes

You can hide your notes from screen with the Hide button, and make them visible again with the Show button

Note List

You can see all of the notes you created from this page. You can use this list to show or hide specific notes.


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