CODE: A2833

Mass Client Transaction (Collection/Payment)

A field that you can use to quickly enter a transaction for one or more of your Clients.


Find Client

You can add your clients with this button.

Change Client

You can use it to change a client you have added incorrectly.

Operations: Excel

You can transfer your transactions from Excel document.

Operations: Open Client Card

Selected Client's card can be opened with this button.

Operations: Client Transaction Report

Selected Client's transaction report can be opened with this button.

Operations: Delete Transactions Without Amount Entry

You can delete all transactions without amount entry.


You can copy selected column to all records.

Copy Row

You can copy from the previous record.


Client can be searched manually; with this option you can type client code and press enter to add client.

Use information which is entered to description as formula and transfer to debit amount; with this option you can define formula in description field and transfer to debit amount.


It shows selected client balance.


It sums total transaction amount.

Record Transaction

It processes all transactions.

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