CODE: A2831

Warehouse Transfer

Warehouse Transfer


In this field, you can apply transfer transactions for one stock between your warehouses.

With the "Find" button in the upper area, you can make the transaction by selecting the stock you want to transfer.

Source Warehouse

Select the warehouse where there is stock. The quantity of product will reduce from the selected warehouse.

Target Warehouse

Select the warehouse which stock will be transferred. The quantity of product will increase in the selected warehouse.

Quantity Balances

In this field, you can view the number of products you have in the source and target warehouses.

Quantity / Basic

Quantity / Unit

It is the field which you can specify the quantity you want to transfer and select the unit.

The program will display the basic quantity depending on the unit coefficient.

Custom Code / Description

In this field, you can type a custom code and a description for the transfer.


You can specify in which currency the transfer transaction will be.

The currency you specify is used for information purposes.

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