CODE: A2829

Location Definitions


You can define the location for your warehouses which you are using and you can specify the location. You can choose for which warehouse you want to define location from the "Warehouse" field. You can add a sketch of your warehouse from the "Sketch" field.


By pressing to the "Add Sub Location" button, you can type and save the corridor definition or the sub location code and definition of your warehouse.

From the "Set Location" field, you can specify the location which you have saved on your warehouse sketch. You can create a tree that is suitable for the structure of your warehouse by adding the top location corridor and shelves connected to these corridors in your warehouses.


Location Transaction Entry


You can distribute your products to the corridor and shelves by using the "Location Transaction Entry" field. From the "Stock Card Search" field, select the stock which you would like to set its location. When you press "OK" button, "Location List" will be opened. Select which location you are placing the stock in.

After you type the amount and select the transaction type, you can complete the transaction by pressing the "Save" button.

Since the transactions you made in this field will not be processed as a second stock transaction, you have to carry out the stock entries in the warehouse first and then the distribution of the locations.


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