CODE: A2823

Warehouse Definitions

  • By creating your warehouse definitions in Wolvox 8 program, you can specify the default warehouses on your stock cards or keep record of which warehouses your stocks have been processing from. In addition to these processes, you can import warehouse inventories or apply transfer process between your warehouses. 


  • We fill out contact information such as name of the warehouse, its authorized person, telephone, fax, address.
  • You can remove the active option and make passive to import the warehouses to which you have entered transactions but do not want to use them anymore.

  • Registered terminals that logged into the system are listed on the terminal authorities tab.
  • To authorize a spesific terminal, you have to transfer the warehouse which you have created, from the registered terminals field to the authorized terminals field.

  • From the user authorities tab, you can transfer your authorized employees that you created from your registered users and who is authorized to use warehouse, to the authorized users field.

  • You can press the Save button below to complete the warehouse record, or use the Add New Record button below to add a new warehouse record.
  • By utilizing the Synchronize button at the top of the screen, you can provide to be synchronized to warehouse that all stock movement input and output transactions of the warehouse which has been made without using warehouse module.


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