CODE: A3192

Applying Any Sales Price To Any Client

The first thing to do is to define 2 stocks and create at least two sales prices for each.



Then define one more client and select the sales price of your preference for the client at the "stock price to use" section on the "account info" tab from the client card.



After performing these operations, if you select "Change" under the name of "STOCK PRICE WHILE CHANGING CLIENT" in the Admin- Custom Definitions-Custom Settings—Stock settings section of the Barcode Sales program, whatever sales price is selected in the client card will also be displayed in the Barcode Sales program.



After performing these operations, when you select "General Customer" as a Client on the Barcode Sales program, sales price 1 will be applied, but if you select "Artur Akkaya" sales price 2 will be applied.



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