CODE: A3139

Wolvox Barcode Sales / Sales Screen

1- For reaching to sale screen, you should select Sales Screen which is under the Operations.



2- At first boot, for adding items and defining group, you should activate design mode.



3- For adding group, click button of add new group. For deleting group, click button of delete active group.



4- Click button of add item for adding item to group.



5- Select type of item in the opening window.



6- Definition list open according to selected type and filtered as desired.



7- Select item which is add in group.



8- Desing mode is close when operations done.



9- Client is select for sales operation. If client is not select , registration will open as a General Customer.



10- Stock should be added in sales part from quick access screen or selecting find stock.



11- Sales amount must be entered after select stock.



12- Payment type should be selected to complete the sale.



13- Sale is completed when payment amount entered.



 It is used for listing and selecting registered clients


It is used to make client collection.


It is used for listing and selecting registered stock.


It is used to delete the selected stock row.


It is used to view stock prices


It is used to change added stock price while making sales


It is used to view ticket informations


It is used to cancel the sale


It is used to print receipt


It is used to display addtional operations. ( Additional operations are explained in Article 15)


It is used to use full screen the Barcode sales screen


15- Additional Operations

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