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Add Brand on E-Commerce Panel

In order to add products without integration to your e-commerce site, first category and brand must entrered. In this article, we will explain about adding brands.

In your E-Commerce panel, click on Add new in the Product / Catalog => Brands  => New Brand field and the brand page can view.




1-Brand Name : Enter the brand name you will use.

2-Brand Item No :You can define the sort of your brand will display.

3-Status : You can define your brand published or unpublished

4-Image : You can add images for your brand.

After save general information about your brand you can continue SEO tab.



1- SEO Link : When you save your brand, seo link is created automatically.

2- Meta Title : You can enter meta title belongs to your brand.

3- Meta Keys : You can enter meta key informations belong to your brand.

4- Meta Description : You can enter meta descriptions belong to your brand.

5- H Labels : You can enter H labels in the appropriate format.

6- URL : Your brands' URL addresses created automatically. When you enter a brand on your products, all products belonging to that brand are published at the specified url address.

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