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Add Product on E-Commerce Panel

Add a product without integration to your E-Commerce site, first click on the Add New button in the Products => Products field then add product page show up.



When the product adding page is opened, first fill the general information field.

General Informations:

1- Product Name: This is the field where the title of the product you will add is entered.

2- Sub Title: If you want to enter a title other than the product name, you can enter it from the sub title field.

3- Barcode: It is the field where the product barcode can enter. Make sure you enter the original barcode number.

4- Amount: You need to enter the amount you want to put the product on sale.

5- Cart Min Amount: An amount of the same product less than the amount entered in this field can not add to the basket. Merge same stocks in cart field must be checked.

6- Cart Max. Quantity : More than the amount entered in this field, the same product is not added to the basket. The Combine same stocks field must be checked.

7- Category :Select the product will display in which category. Categories must created before. Or click the pencil mark and be directed to the category adding field. To add a category:

8- Brand :Select the product will display in which brand. Brands must created before. Or click the pencil mark and be directed to the brand adding field. To add a brand:

9- Other Categories : If you want to display your product in a different category other than the category you specified, you can select other categories from this field.

10- Stock Code : Stock code belongs to product must be entered. It is a mandatory field.

11-Order Type :If the purchased package is a flower or fabric system, it specifies as fabric or flower in this field

12-Guarantee Time :If the product has a guarantee period, the guarantee period is entered.

13-View :You can set up your product as B2B,B2C and both B2B and B2C users.If you want to show your product only to B2B users, it should be selected as B2B.

14-Wholesaler : If you are supplying your product, you can choose the supplier company.

15-Group : You can define a group. It is used in the filtering field in your e-commerce panel.

16-Campaign Note : If you add a campaign to your product and want to write a note, you can use this field.

17-Status : If you want to unpublish the product, you can select it as not published.

18-Release Date : Shows the date you saved the product.

19-Adding Date : Shows the date you saved the product.

20-Last Update : If you edit the product after saving, the edit date is written in this field.

21-Updated By : If you edit the product after saving, name of person who edited the product is written in this field.

Price Info:


1-Buying Price : You enter the buying price of the product.

2-VAT : It is the field where VAT information of the product is entered.

3-Discount : If required, the discounts for the product can entered in this field as a percentage.


Price List :



Unit : The unit of the selling product define.

There are 4 fields to enter prices. You can enter the prices of the product. You can define the currency of the product.

Volumetric Weight Amount: If you are going to use cargo while sending your products, you must fill in the desi field. Even if you will apply a fixed shipping fee, you have to enter it as 1 desi.

Quantity Options: For example, if you are not selling your product individually, and you are going to sell your product as 5 and its multiples, you should write 5,10,15 .. in this field. When you write like that, your products are not sold individually.

Settings: There are settings for the product. For example, it is fast shipping or free shipping, you can mark from this field.



Additional Fields: If you want to add additional descriptions about the product, there are 10 additional fields.If it is neccessary, you can write extra about the products from this area.



Detail Info: You must use the detail info field to write a description for your product.

You can write in HTML format from the resource section in this field.You can add pictures to the descriptions from this field.



After entering the general information for the product, the record process is completed. After the record process is completed, the image adding and feature adding fields of the product will be active.



Features: If filtering will be used in the product list, values are entered by selecting the properties defined in Products => General Features.



Images: You can add images for your products from this field. You can add your product image in Product Image field, and more than one image in Sub Images field.

If you have any file belongs to the product, you can add it in Files field.



Similar & Recommended Products :

If you want to show similar products or recommended products in the product details of the products you have added, you can choose a different product from this field and show it in your product detail.



Equivalent/Spare Part Products : If the product has a spare part or equivalent and you want to show them in the product detail, you can create a title from the title field and then select your products from the registered products.



Product Icons : You can add icon for your products. For example ; You can add customer friendly, organic product etc. Icons. If you want, you can first add all icons under the products => icons tab and select the icons from the product card or you can add icons from the product icons field and select the added icons.



Options : You can define options for your product cards. For example ; you are selling mobile phones and you want to give a headphones discount as an option, you can add it as an option. You can create options from the Products => Options field and select it from the product card. It activates depending on the package.



Detail Tabs : You can use the detail tabs to add details to your product card except explanations. This field is usually the field where information about the assembly or usage of the product is written. It changes depending on the package.


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