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Web Integration Connection (Wolvox and E-Commerce Connection)

You need a Web Integration program in order to send your products to the E-Commerce panel via Wolvox ERP and to transfer your orders to Wolvox ERP via E-Commerce. For this purpose, the Web Integration program is downloaded and installed through Akınsoft Installer. When the installation process is completed, when you run the program, it will ask for a user name and password for login.

This username and password is your authorized user name and password that you use in the Control Panel.

In the E-Commerce panel, click on the "Admins" field under the "members" selection.



In Admins page click to ''Add New'' field and in opened page select ''Api User''



Registration is completed by entering E-mail, password and all authorities. With the API User created, can not entered E-Commerce panel. The Normal User given to you in installation can not translated to the API user. If full integration with Wolvox Erp is to be worked on, click Integration => Commercial Program Management in the E-Commerce panel. Select "Full Integration" from this field and save.



Full Integration : Full integration between Wolvox Erp and E-commerce is provided. All stock transactions made on Wolvox ERP are transferred to the E-Commerce panel.

No Synchronization : Not provide connection between Wolvox ERP and E-commerce. Stock transactions are work through E-commerce.


Partial Synchronization : The stocks you create on Wolvox ERP are not view in E-Commerce. With the same stock code, you need to open stock both on Wolvox ERP and E-commerce panel. When partial synchronization is selected, when settings such as "update price", "update stock" etc. are marked, changes are made only in the marked fields. After making the necessary settings, click on the "Settings" tab in the web integration program.




Site Address : You need to copy the address of your opened E-Commerce site through the browser and paste it into this field. Example:

User Name : ''Api User'' which you create in E-Commerce panel

Password : ''Password belongs to Api user'' which you create in E-Commerce panel


Test : After the necessary information is entered, click the "Test" button. If the test process is successful, the connection between wolvox ERP and E-Commerce is established.

If when you click Test and it gives "Server connection failed " error, the site address field is entered as "https". If it gives ''User can not found'' error, you should check api user informations. If it gives '' First mark the Synchronization " error, "full synchronization" must be marked in the Integration => Commercial Program Management field from your E-Commerce panel.

After establishing a connection between Wolvox Erp and E-Commerce, your products and groups must be marked as "View on Web" on Wolvox ERP in order to see the products on E-Commerce. If the specified fields are not marked, the product can not be sent.


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