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Licensing Procedures in AKINSOFT Wolvox Program

  • Created 10.09.2020
  • Update 15.06.2023
  • Category WOLVOX

- Run the AKINSOFT Wolvox Control Panel program while all your programs are closed.

 - Click on 'Admin' at the top.

 - Click on "Wolvox License" from the opened tab.


- If you have internet access, click the 'Online License' button.

- If you do not have internet access, please fill in this form to get help for licensing.



Check the option 'I have a license card or security code'.





- Fill in the 'License Number' and 'Security Code / Customer Password' fields on the screen that appears.

- Continue by saying 'Next'.

- If you do not know your license number, please fill in this form to get information.

- If you don't know the security code CLICK



- Your license information will appear on the screen that opens. Click the 'End' button.

- If you have more than one program enrolled in the same license, select the appropriate one and click 'End'.


- "Do you wish to activate your license again?" The question will appear. Continue by saying 'Yes'.


- You can start using your program as licensed after 'Licensing done successfully.' message.





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