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GoBD Integration (GDPdU)

  • Created 09.03.2020
  • Update 07.04.2021
  • Category WOLVOX

The GoBD integration system is the presentation of the data exported from the program regarding the sales and purchase transactions with VAT details to the tax office in accordance with the GoBD/GDPdU.

You will be able to confirm your tax declaration by exporting the records on your database in a specified date range in CSV format by the fields that the auditor requests.
 This system will work in connection with your ERP, Restaurant, Barcode Sales, Hotel, Mobile Sales, and e-commerce system, which has an instant integration and allows invoicing.


First of all, the system must be installed in German. Wolvox Control Panel 8, Wolvox ERP 8 and Wolvox Data Transfer programs are required to install.

 The installation steps should be performed as follows.


- The control panel should be installed first. You must select German.


- In the second step, you must continue the installation.



- You must accept agreements, terms and conditions.



- If you have read the installation instructions, you can continue.


- The installation file folder must be specified.


-  On the next window, it should be selected that the control panel must work according to the German tax system (GoBD integration) and the installation must continue.



- After the final check, click ''Next'' to start the installation.



- Installation process;


- After the installation is complete, Data Transfer 8, must be installed.



- Again, you must select German.


- When you run Data Transfer 8 for the first time, it will appear as below. (The company, etc., must be defined.) To license the program, click on the ''Hilfe'' option.



- You can license it with the button below marked with a red frame. It should be noted that the license system in the Data Transfer works separately from the control panel.



- A screen like the one below will welcome us. You can read the list below the picture for a description of the fields by the numbers.


1  You must specify the start date of the data to be exported.

2  You must specify the end date of the data to be exported.

3  You must specify the separator of the excel file to be exported.

4  You can see the list of the tables in Wolvox. Table selection is required according to the data requested.

5  This is the screen that contains date fields to filter, you must specify the date here. (Example; You can export by the due date, instead of the invoice date...)

6  The list of data fields to be exported in the table content selected in Option 4. The sub fields can be selected from this field. (VAT_RATE, Calculated_VAT, etc.)

7  After completing all selections, the "Export" button is displayed. It exports the data selected.

8   If your table fields contain semicolons, you can check this box. Works in relation to the bracket.


Once the transfer is done, your files will be in the GoBD folder, under the Wolvox Data Transfer folder, in the directory where your WOLVOX8 Folder is located. This field will give you the output as a file named by date and time. 


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