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Creating TaskPano Task and Task Settings

  • Created 28.02.2022
  • Update 28.02.2022
  • Category TaskPano

Creating Tasks


Follow steps in below to create a task  in TaskPano.


1.Press ‘+’ button to create new task in page of related project.



2.Name the Task.


3.Press any task on list to edit tasks.


Process you can do in this field as below;


  • Tasks can be renamed by pressing current task name.



  • Tasks can be described in ‘Description’ field.



  • Changes in task can be seen in ‘Activity’ field.



  • Things must be done in task can be created by pressing ‘New CheckList’




  • Checklist you created will look like as below


  • Member who is assigned to task can marked as done by pressing the checkbox near of item.



  • Information about process can be add in Add comment field.



  • Member or members can be add in task as watchers in ‘Assignees’ field. So they can track process.



  • You can move the task to list of another project by pressing project name.



You will see other Projects that you assigned when project name is pressed.



  • You can move task to another list by pressing list names



  • Default lists or lists are created by you will show up in this page.



  • Due date can be add in due date field. Reminder can be add also if you want to get notification earlier from due date.



  • Planned tasks can be manged in ‘Planing Date’ field. Start and end date can be entered and can be add reminder earlier from start date to get notification.



  • Tags you created in project settings can be add to task in ‘Tags’ field.



  • Folders, images and etc can be add in ‘Add Attachment’ field.


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