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TaskPano Task Creation and Task Settings

  • Created 18.02.2022
  • Update 28.02.2022
  • Category TaskPano

You can follow the steps below to create a task in TaskPano.

1- Enter the project to which you will add the task and click on the "+" sign at the bottom right.

2- Enter the name of the task you will create in the new window and press the add button.

3- To edit your task, click on the task from the list.

The actions you can do here are as follows.

  • You can change the name of your task by clicking on the task title.

  • In the Description field, you can enter a description for the task.

  • You can see the changes made on the task in the Activity section.

  • By clicking on the new checklist, you can itemize what needs to be done in the task.

      • To do this, click on the " + New Checklist" button

  • Give the Checklist a name.

  • Press the "+ Add an item" button to add items to the checklist.

  • Enter the item name and press the add button.

  • The item you have added will be displayed like this.

  • The participant assigned to the task can here mark it as complete by clicking the checkbox next to the item.  When the item is marked as complete, it will automatically record a "Checklist item marked as complete" in the activity section.

  • You can add comments about the process in the Add comment section.

  • From the Assigned section, the participant or participants to whom the task will be assigned is selected.

  • From the Audiences section, the participant or participants can be added to the task as a spectator so that the task is followed.

  • By clicking on the project name, the task can be moved to a different project for which you are authorized and to a list within that project.

  • The screen that will open when you click on the project name and where authorized projects can be viewed and selected is as follows.

  • You can move the task to a different list by clicking the list name.

  • The screen that will open when you click on the list name is as follows.

  • You can select the date the task should be delivered from the due date, and create a reminder to receive notification before the due date.

  • In the Planning Date field, you can enter the date that the task is scheduled to be performed and create a reminder to send notifications before the start date.

  • From the Tags section, you can add one or more of the tags you have created in the project settings to the task.

  • From the Add Attachment section, you can add files, images, etc. to the task as an attachment.

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