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What is TaskPano List? How to Add?

  • Created 28.02.2022
  • Update 28.02.2022
  • Category TaskPano

What is List ?


List is last layer  to specify situations of tasks in project that under of Workspace is created in organization.

Example; You can add list that specify tasks  situations like ‘To Do’ , ‘In Progress’, ‘Done’, ‘Suspended’ and ‘Cancelled’.

Lists are located in Project page .



Creating New List ?


1.After enter page of related project to create new list , press ‘Add New List’ on the right of page, name the list and press ‘Add’ button .



2.You can also change names of default lists.



3.Lists can be moved by holding press Button    on list.



4.Lists can be deleted by pressing button       on list.


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