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Creating TaskPano Project and Project Settings

  • Created 28.02.2022
  • Update 28.02.2022
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Creating Project


Follow steps in below to create a project in TaskPano.


1.After workspace you  created before is selected from left side menu, press ‘New Project’  button.


2.Give a name for your project and if necessary project description can be add.


3.Choose one of choices in below according to your working type.

  • If number 1 field is selected, members can review tasks in project and add new task into project.
  • If number 2 field is selected, members can only see tasks are assigned for them or tasks that they are watchers. If this field is not selected, members can see all tasks



Project Settings

1.Follow steps in below to reach  project settings in TaskPano.


Press workspace from left side menu then choose project you want to set.


2.When you open the Project, press ‘Settings’ button near of project name.



  • Sub-choices in settings.
    • Project can set by ‘Project Settings’.
    • Archived Tasks can be seen by ‘Archived Tasks’.
    • Deleted Tasks can be seen by ‘Tasks in Recycle Bin’.
    • Project can be archived by pressing ‘Archive Project’.
    • Project can be deleted by pressing ‘Move Project to Recycle Bin’.



3.Press ‘Project Settings’.



4.Project Settings;


    • Members assigned in organization and added to workspace can be seen and added in ‘Members’ tab.


  • Created tags can be edited and create new one in ‘Tags’ tab.



  • Permissions you set while you are creating project can be edited in ‘Additional Permissions.



  • Repeating Tasks can be created and edit in ‘Repating Tasks’ tab.


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