CODE: A3284

Producing Negative Stocks Automatically (Automatically - Manually)

Producing Manually

You can automatically produce your stocks (if there is a recipe) whose stock amount falls below zero.


Let's see how to do it step by step, first of all, we will create the recipe belongs to stock. To create a recipe, need to follow these steps -> Production Management > Production > Definitions> Production Recipe (Normal)



After creating the recipe, the section where we can see the stocks with amount below zero among the active stocks and the ones available to produce is in “Production Management > Production > Operations > Produce Negative Stocks Automatically”.



Click the filter button on the form. The stocks with amounts below zero and with the recipe will be listed as is shown below.




With the help of the “Produce Automatically” button, we can produce this stock as much as the number in the remainder of the quantity, and change the status where it falls into minus. While doing this process, after clicking the “Produce Automatically” button, the "Automatic Production will be done. Do you want to continue?" warning comes up, click the Yes button.

Our stock has been produced and the negative stock amount will be reset. You can view the stock report via Stock Management > Reports > Operation Reports> Stock Transaction Report.



Producing Automatically

If you want the  process to be produced automatically by running in the background,

It is mandatory to have a recipe to produce automatically

“Produce Negative Stocks Automatically” option on Admin > Custom Definitions > Custom Settings > Simple Production must be checked and an interval for renewal must be determined.



With this operation, relative stock will be produced automatically. You can follow the production running from the background by viewing the stock transaction or production reports.


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