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Chain Marketing System

Chain Marketing System is used the marketing system with membership infrastructure for receiving membership fees and premium for upper members from the sales of lower members.

Let us explain this subject with an example;


     An A upper member of the central system as a member creates its sub-members (B, C, ....). Each member also, is connected to the upper unit, expands the membership tree structure by creating its own sub-units.

        The next table shows that the C18 member's sub-units such as F1, F2... members. Here, members of the F1 can create its own sub-units and F2 member can also create its own membership tree for more members into the system will be created more supply record and the upper-units limit of earnings will be increased.

         Working structure of Premium account system at our WOLVOX program; sub-unit sells product to the end-user and this sub-unit, connected to the center (place that products are sent to the members from), sends collecting obtained from the sales and connected to the upper-units are gaining the premiums.

      Member can not be won additional premium its own sales of product, however, if its sub-units sell products, member can be won the premium. In this system the center makes out an invoice the sale of product to the member who sold the product to the end user. (which the member may be a business person or bussiness)


     To be active the chain marketing system in the WOLVOX Pre-Accounting program, the chain marketing system's license must be activated.

   After the licensing have been completed, you need to select "Use Chain Marketing System" option from Admin / General Settings / Account Settings in the WOLVOX Pre-Accounting.

     The next display shows that how many will be given the maximum premiums to the upper members in the chain marketing system, upper members who will be taken the premium should be specified the member counts.


     To connect the lower members to the upper members in the account records, you need to select the relevant member's upper marketer option after checking "Use Marketing System/Sales Rep." option in the field of custom settings from account record window.





    Chain marketing system, which top member how much premiums will be calculated what is necessary for the operation of current module in the "Chain Marketing Definitions" area, each top-level member for premium rates and membership fees to specify the needs. As an example, membership fees for the first 3 level to be applied, namely a sub-member of his sub-units of a new member record created the 3 upper units 5.00 USD membership fee, can receive (premium profit margins separately at will charge).


     After all process have been completed, you can benefit from chain marketing calculating reports where in account module for which members how much collecting done and upper units how much premium totals win via these collecting. The center shall require the premium movements to the members account because of winning premiums via collecting at the certain days. For this, the center shall use the "Processing Premiums" button by listing the record in accordance with date intervals from the calculate premiums menu.


  Chain marketing system is also working actively through WOLVOX E-Commerce Module. Upper members, can perform new member records by writing down its own reference number (upper unit's account code) and willing record new sub-units after enabling "Use Chain Marketing System" option has been activated where admin console in E-Trade module. Therefore, each member with their own user name and password through e-commerce module to provide product orders may take account extra.


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