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Wolvox WebConnect Connection Settings

You can set a connection to Webconnect program via browser from computer, mobile phone, tablet and all of the devices with browser, as an "admin" or a "user".  

If you will login as a "user", open the Control Panel and click User Settings> User Authorization. 



Select the user you will authorize from the "Staff" section, and select the company of given authorization from the "Company" section.

Check "WebConnect" from the "Program Authorizations" section. 

Close the tab by clicking "Save Authorizations" 

Open the "WebConnect"

Check the "Working Port" from the "Port Settings" section.


If this port is used by a different program, you can change the port. At this point, you need to open the determined port from the modem.



First, open the browser and enter "Static IP" that you use.

Add (:) to the end of IP and enter the WebConnect Working Port. is given as an example on the image below.

Fill in the User Login information and click "Entry".



Select a company from the "Company Selection" screen and click "OK".



WebConnect program will be opened.  You can start using it.


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