CODE: A2948

Control Panel is not working in your computer or required settings have not been adjusted

The reason for getting this error in our AKINSOFT Wolvox programs is the problems encountered in connection with Server Client.



The problems encountered in Server Client connection are caused by three general reasons.


1) IP address has changed.

2) Firewall etc. security systems are activated.

3) User account settings.

4) Version mismatch.


In this case, you need to check the three sources mentioned above. The procedures are described in detail below.

1) IP address changed

Check if the IP address is correct and change the IP in the server settings if it has changed.

Switch to 'Server' computer. (Host)

Click on the 'Start' menu and type 'cmd' in the search section.

Press 'Enter'.


Type 'ipconfig' on the command line that opens.
Press 'Enter'.
Note the IP address '192.168.X.XXX' which is written against 'IPv4 Address'.




Switch to the computer that has a problem with the connection.

Open the program.
Click on 'Server Settings'.


Check the 'Host IP' address on the 'Server Settings' screen. If you write the same number with the IP number you noted, do not make any changes.

If the ip has changed, write the IP number you wrote down. Login will be successful.



!!! If computers are not in the same network, static IP should be checked. If the FIREBIRD database is used, ports 3050, 3055, 3056 must be opened.

If MSSQL database is used, ports 3050, 3055, 3056, 1433, 1434 should be opened.


2) Security systems such as firewall are activated

Click on the 'Start' menu.

Type 'Control Panel' in the search section.Login to the Control Panel.


Check 'Windows Firewall' and 'Windows Defender' and disable it.

To disable 'Windows Firewall';

Click on 'Windows Firewall'.



Enter 'Advanced Settings' from the screen that opens



Click on 'Windows Firewall Features' on the screen that comes up.



From the window that opens, click on the 'Domain Profile', 'Private Profile' and 'Common Profile' tabs to set 'Firewall Status' 'On (recommended)' to 'Off'.

Click on 'Apply' ► 'OK'.



To disable 'Windows Defender';

Click on 'Windows Defender'.



Click on 'Tools' ► 'Options'.




On the screen that opens, uncheck the relevant fields from the 'Auto scan', 'Real-time protection', 'Admin' tabs.




If you have experienced a problem with 'Windows Firewall' and 'Windows Defender', the login will be successful after disabling.

3)User account settings



Click on 'User accounts' in the control panel.



Click 'Change User Account Control Settings' from the screen that opens.



In the menu that opens, you should not set the lowest level 'Never Warn' option.

4) Version mismatch

If the above actions are not resolved, you may need to update the version.

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