CODE: A2937

WOLVOX ERP program Advanced Sales Price list creation operations.


In the WOLVOX ERP (Pre-Accounting) program, you can ensure that the stocks you specify are traded at the sales prices you set between the dates you set between the sales price list creation field. In this way, you can sell the products you include in the campaign at any price you want during the campaign.

Your Stock-2 module must be licensed to use this feature.




Required Settings:

To use this feature, your program version must be at least 7.11.01.Go to the "General Settings" field from the "Admin" menu and open the "General" heading in the "Stock Settings" tab.
Check the "Use Advanced Sales Price System" option and save it. After this marking, "Sales Price List Definitions", "Sales Price List" and "Default Sales Price Lists" fields will appear in the "Stock" module.

Important note:

When the Advanced Sales Price system is active, the sales price entry fields on the Stock cards will be passive. At the same time, selection in many fields where stock sales prices are used in the program will be prevented. The comparison table for this is given below. Please pay attention to this warning before making the relevant adjustments.

List Creation Operations:

Firstly, price definitions should be created by coming to the "Sales Price List Definitions" field. The point you will notice while creating the list is to enter the account type and status ("Active" must be selected to activate it) for the list to be active. By entering the date, you can ensure that the prices are valid between the dates you set, or you do not enter the date and you ensure the continuous use of the list.

You need to make definitions about the client account you want to use the prices you set in the "Client Information" field. You can choose a single client or choose a certain group, middle group, subgroup, custom code, country and province if you wish.You will use the prices in the list that you will create in the client accounts you set with these choices.

You can filter the stocks in the list you have created from the "Filtration" field. Use the menu on the left to add stock to the list.

To Avoid Conflict In Price Lists;

If there are clients with common features in the price lists you create, the program will be based on the "Scoring" field specified under "General" in the "Stock Settings" tab in the "General Settings" area of the "Admin" menu.




Working Logic of Scoring System:

The scoring system has been developed to determine which price will be used by the clients in the same price list. By giving numerical values to the criteria under the "Scoring" heading, it ensures that the same criterias are selected based on the high criterion based on the scoring made in different price lists. If the price list is created by selecting the client according to the client code, the others will not be taken into consideration and the list created according to the client code will be based on.

For example: The group of the client named Ahmet AK is registered as "General" and the Province as "Ankara".

In the first list created, the client group is based on and the price definition is made to the client group with the "General" group.

Created 2nd list is based on the client province and price description is given to the clients whose province is "Ankara".

The client group named Ahmet AK is included in both lists. In this case, the program determines which list the client will benefit from, based on the scoring in the general settings. While the client group is 10 points in the scoring field, since the province is 12 points, it will benefit from the price list created according to the client province.

However, a third list was created and this list was based on the client codes.

In this case, the 1st and 2nd lists will not be taken into consideration, the list created according to the client code will be based on. The lists created according to the client code have a score above all the given points.

If there is still a conflict despite all the adjustments, the criteria set in the "Price To Be Used If Conflicts" field will be based on.



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