CODE: A2858

How to update Wolvox 7 from server machines

You did upgrade on server version of WOLVOX 7 Software. Without making version upgrade one by one for each client, you can make it in a lump through server. You need to do is to create "setup" document to the path where WOLVOX Control Panel is located. Then you need to copy WOLVOX Program setup files you downloaded from internet into this folder.Example : Control Panel program is working inside C:\AKINSOFT\Wolvox7. In this case create a folder inside the "C:\AKINSOFT\Wolvox" and name it as "setup". Without making any name changes and after extracting from the compressed file, save all the setup files you've download from internet into the "setup" folder you've created inside the "C:\AKINSOFT\Wolvox7".After this operation, make the installation of new version to the server. "An Upper version is installed on server. Would you like to update your version now?" question will appear when you make entry at client computers. If you answer question as "yes", after connecting to the setup folder at server, installation will be completed


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