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Usage of Wolvox ERP Location Management

         "Location Management" module is used for the purpose of tracking the locations of products if big warehouses are being used in the company and make product input and output to this locations.


Sketches can be added for a specified warehouse by defining the locations and sublocations and sections can be marked inside the warehouse over this sketches. With this way visual tracking for the locations is provided.

             "Location Management" module will be seen inside the "Warehouse" module. To use this module first divisions in the warehouse must be defined at "Location Definitions" section.

        To define the divisions in the warehouse, warehouse should be selected before at dropdown list above on the "Location Definitions" window. Then after entering the "Code" and "Definition" fields at "Location Information" section, location will be saved. When numerical value is entered to the "Sorting" area, related location will be listed in that row at tree view above.

       To add sublocation, while desired sub-location to be opened is selected, "Add to Sublocation" button must be clicked. Then after entering the "Code" and "Definition" fields at "Location Information" section, sublocation will be saved.

You can add the sketch of the warehouse by clicking the button left to the "Sketch" section right above at "Location Definitions" window and selecting it. In the same section you can view the maximized picture of sketch by clicking button in the middle.

        Same at "Location Definitions" window, by clicking over the related location and by clicking to the "Set Location" button, you can mark the location of selected location on sketch.

       You can make product inputs or outputs for the locations you defined at "Location Transaction Entry" section. First, related stock must be selected when "Location Transaction Entry" has been entered. Then, from "Location List" window, location must be selected where inputs or outputs will be made to.


Quantity will be entered to the "Location Transaction Entry" window opened and will be saved after selecting neither "Input" or "Output" at "Operation Type" section. If the operation is being made with document, document no will be entered to "Document No" field.

  At "Location Transaction Report" section, input and output transactions can be reported.

At "Location Inventory" section, by specifying a location, "Location Balances" and "Warehouse Balances" can be reported for that location.

At "Location Document Report" section, by specifying a document number, transaction amounts can be reported which are related to that document number.

At "Location List" section, locations can be listed created before.



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