CODE: A2841

Wolvox ERP Custom Report Process

By using the Custom Report section, you can save report that you need and benefit from these report as you wish. To create a custom report, go to the "Custom Reports" menu.

Open Custom Report Transactions screen and click Add New Report button.



On the sscreen that appears, type the name of the SQL report in the "SQL Report Name". Then write the SQL statement you want to use. To test, you can press the "Run SQL Code(F9)" button. If you implement the code correctly, the "SQL Code Works Successfully" warning comes up.



Press Save button to save code. You can edit you SQL code by pressin "Edit Selected Report" button.


SQL Code Examples;

    • To filter out all of your registered clients and all of the information on client card; SELECT * FROM CARI

    • To filter stock with stock code ST00001; SELECT * FROM STOK WHERE STOKKODU = 'ST00001'



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