CODE: A2840

Client-1 and Client-2 Modules Features

Feature Client-1 Client-2
Client definitions Yes Yes
Department definitions Yes Yes
Public Holidays Yes Yes
Client Collections/patments Yes Yes
Mass Client transaction Yes Yes
Quick client search Yes Yes
Client definitions list Yes Yes
Client transaction report Yes Yes
Transaction report in detail Yes Yes
Client aging report Yes Yes
Balance list Yes Yes
Operation type report Yes Yes
Periodic transaction report Yes Yes
Client custom report Yes Yes
Client transaction analysis Yes Yes
Client card analysis Yes Yes
Adding image Yes Yes
Client authorities Yes Yes
Risky customer check Yes Yes
Custom definitions Yes Yes
ID card info Yes Yes
Turnover entry Yes Yes
Notes definitions No Yes
Report with value date  calculation No Yes
Balances list with value date No Yes
Additional address definition. No Yes
Adding file for client No Yes

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