CODE: A2839

Stok-1 and Stock-2 Modules Features

Feature Stock-1 Stock-2
Adding image Yes Yes
Custom definitions Yes Yes
Unit definitions Yes Yes
Additional barcodes Yes Yes
Suppliers definitions Yes Yes
Alternatives stock definitions Yes Yes
Stock balance warnings Yes Yes
Stock statistics Yes Yes
Turnover Entry Yes Yes
Stock definitions Yes Yes
Quick stock definitions Yes Yes
Service definitions Yes Yes
Brand/Model definitions Yes Yes
Stock group definitions Yes Yes
Service group definitions Yes Yes
Stock Input/Output transactions Yes Yes
Mass Stock Transaction Yes Yes
Stock definition merge Yes Yes
Stock definitions list Yes Yes
Price change/price list Yes Yes
Stock transaction report Yes Yes
Stock profit/loss report Yes Yes
Periodic Input/output report Yes Yes
Not processed stock Yes Yes
Stock sufficiency report Yes Yes
Stock custom report Yes Yes
Stock transaction analysis Yes Yes
Service report Yes Yes
Assortment system No Yes
Adding file for stock No Yes
Blocked / Deadline No Yes
Subproducts No Yes
Package definition No Yes
Additional feature definition No Yes
Color definitions No Yes
Size definitions No Yes
Stock counting and editing No Yes
Stock blocked/deadline report No Yes
Stock counting list No Yes
Advanced Sales Price System No Yes

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