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Server/Client Connection Options in WOLVOX ERP Program.

If you use WOLVOX ERP program in more than one computer you can follow these steps below to make client connection.


Things to do in Host Computer:


1st Step: Firstly from your host computer open Control Panel and register a user. You can register user from User Settings- User Registration window.


2nd Step: After completing registration, press "User Authorization" button.


3rd Step: In opened window select company that you want to authorize and select authorization you want to grant.


4th Step: After completing user authorization, check Host Computer IP address. To do that from "Start" menu write "cmd" in search section and press Enter. From opened black window write "ipconfig" and press enter. You will see the IP address.


Things to do in Client Computer:

1st Step: Install WOLVOX program that you want to use in Client Computer. It is enough to install the program only in Client Computer. You do not have to install Control Panel to Client Computer.


2nd Step: Start your program and press "Server Settings" from "User Login" window.


3rd Step: Write your Host Computer IP address to "Host Computer IP" section(Exp: Write "3055" to "Connection Port Host Computer" section if you do not change the port number before. If you update the port number, enter the number you updated.


4th Step: Write you username and password that you register and press "Ok" button. Client computer connects to host computer.


If you have any Connection Problem:

If there is still connection problems even though you do every necessary steps, that maybe cause by the followings below. Check these options and try to connect again.


    • There might be Firewall in Host or Client Computer. You can close Firewall or you can activate 3054,3055,3056 ports.

    • Your user account in operating system may have highest security controls level. Reduce security control level and reboot your system.

    • Antivirus software in Host or Client Computer maybe blocking the connection. You can open 3054,3055,3056 ports for your Antivirus software or you can uninstall antivirus software completely and reboot your system.


For Online Connections:

If there is a Client Computer that connect from outside local network, you must do extra processes down below.(Exp:Host Computer in New York and Client Computer in Paris)


    • You must get static IP from your internet provider.

    • From your Host Computer you must open 3050,3054,3055,3056 and 80 ports for your modem (TCP/UDP must selected). You can get more information about how to open ports in modem from the internet. Our company does not give support in this subject.(Port numbers are default numbers for Control Panel)

    • In Client Computer, connect Host Computer by writing static IP adress to "Host Computer Ip" section in "User Login" screen.


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