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How can I use by activating assortment system in my WOLVOX Pre-Accounting program?

     The intended use of Assortment System is to be followed the substocks via main stocks for invoice, waybill, offer and order modules by making product entry (X Stock's A Color, 01-numbered size, B Brand, etc..) in the textile sector or businesses which want to follow with variant. That is to say, by selecting main stock with the linked of substocks's selling or buying processing records are made the relevant main stock's substock balances directly affected. System implementation as the brand, model, color and body are used in more than one stock.

Let's explain how processes are done with an example in detail;

     Firstly, let's save the definition of brand, model, color and body what we want to use. To do this process from definitions area where found in stock module you can. Then we need to save the main stock. For this, we shall come to the stock card record section. Here, we write the name of stock as the main stock, we will use. If we take as an example of shirt stock, we save by writing it for the main stock. There is no need to specify any brand or model on which main stock card. The system will automatically select this process by opening substock.

Then we mark the "Main Stock"  and "Use Assortment Sytem" options and complete stock card.

After saving the stock card, let's press "Sub Stock" button where found above.

The table will come up on you in the bottom, you press the button "Create Color Body". Body Group choice will come.Where you want to create substocks by selecting groups then press the OK button.


The "Create Color Body" display shows that after you made model selection from here,  you mark the substocks what you want, press the Export button.



Substocks information which will be created come up the Substok processes table.  Here, you press "Create Sub Stocks" button. Your substocks will have created. After creating substocks process, you can use assortment system.

Let us explain with an example of this process;

You choose the main stock to sell in invoice. The Assorment Entry window comes up on you.

Here, you press the OK button by writing down the amounts of stocks which you sold them in accordance with color and size. Taking the same example the base as shown in the image, only shirt stock information comes and the amount of shirt stock will be 5.


        However, when we look stock at the Black-36 size (1 piece), Black-42 size (2 pieces), Blue-38 size (1 piece) and Blue-40 size (1 pieces) that will be seen the fallen.


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