CODE: A2772

Client computers will not stick without sending PING from Server. How do I resolve?

     This problem often found in cafes DeepFreeze, Winrollback stems from conservation programs such as the disk. Client computers that belonged to the server will store information registry windows. Client enters into the first circuit previously recorded attempts to connect the server ip. This process continues until the right connections. If the server computer can not reach the server IP is wrong, and communication are not possible. PING CafePlus Server program As a result of sending client and the server will detect the IP number, IP records. Computer is turned off until program communication normally works. But the computer restarts again registry settings opening program will be installed on client tries to connect again in the wrong IP and communications are not possible.


     The way to solve this problem, like the program's protection by opening DeepFreeze server and client enabling them to communicate is to make active again. In this way, the client computer server will be recorded correct IP address and re-starts will be able to connect directly to the server.

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