CODE: A2766

I use Epson Printer. I want to open Tear Off features. What should I do ?

The following steps can open the Epson printers Tear Off feature.

Step 1:  Turn off your EPSON LX300+ printer normally.
Step 2:  Turn on your printer by holding down FONT button.  Along with, 1 paper will come out as an output.
Step 3: Press the FONT button secondly.
Step 4: Press the FONT button thirdly. Along with, 3, 4 and 5 pages will come out as an output.
Step 5: You will see that the last row of the last pages “Turn off the print to finish setting” as written.
Step 6: Press the FONT button repeatedly 2 times. Tear off on your printer to the right of expression in the right light and the one next to the Pause light must be turned on.
Step 7: Press LF / FF button once.
Step 8: Pres LF / FF button once more if the Pause button lighting.
Step 9: After these steps, Pause light must be dimmed and Tear Off light must be lighted.
Step 10: Turn Off your printer normally and reopen it.

After following these steps, your printer EPSON LX300 +  Tear Off feature is turned on state.

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