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What Is Seo And How Is It Done?

  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO work ensures that websites are organized in a way that is suitable for search engines and that the sites rank higher in searches. The most used search engine in our country and in many other countries is Google. Google always gives priority to sites with quality and popular content in searches. SEO comes into play when it comes to quality and popularity. SEO is divided into on-site (quality) and off-site (popularity).

"Since" Google "is the most used search engine today, the institution that determines SEO and internet rules has been" Google ". "Google" always gives priority to quality and popular sites in searches. The issue we call quality, in-site optimizations, and the topic of popularity are considered as off-site studies. "

On-Site SEO and Quality

We also address the issue of quality on site SEO. The subject we call quality is the visual and text content we use on our site, the interface, the fast code structure, etc. issues are addressed.

In terms of the quality of our site, the visual and text contents, the naturalness of the prepared articles and the authenticity of our images will attract the attention of the users and will enable them to spend longer on our site. In this way, the quality of our site will increase. In addition, another issue that will increase the quality of our site is the rapid opening of the sites. Because users do not want to waste time on a slow site, they leave your site. This reduces the quality of your site. In this respect, a fast opening site is important.



User experience

The most fundamental issue of on-site SEO is actually user experience. Google always strives to present content, information for the benefit of the user first. The easiest method to measure user experience is to track your visitors. For this, you can make redevelopments on your low rate pages by listing the duration of stay on your pages with the Google Analytics tool. To give an example of user experience issues, we can say that the color of the site, ease of use, fonts, fast access and activities that will increase the duration of staying onthe page. We can give examples of increasing the duration of the page, such as original videos on the page and effective visuals among the articles.



External SEO and Popularity

When it comes to popularity, external SEO work comes into play. External SEO, as the name suggests, is work done outside the site. Errors made in external studies can lead to the site being deleted from Google. In this regard, it is aimed to increase the popularity of the site. It is recommended to do this in natural and non-spammy ways. Otherwise, even if a success is achieved, it will not be permanent. This work is also known as a backlink.


What are Backlink and Natural Backlink?


Backlink is the recommendation and reference of a reliable and well-known site on Google. In this case, Google will have confidence in your site. But it is an important issue that these backlinks are natural and not purchased with money. Quality of your content is important to gain natural backlinks. Your visitors who visit your site will give you reference with the information they obtain from you. In this way, you will gain natural backlinks.

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