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Dynamic Page Creation

By creating dynamic pages,you can create all the special pages related to your use, such as promotion, announcement, or use, that you want to be placed at the entrance, right, left, bottom or top of your e-commerce page. In this way, by creating dynamic pages according to your needs, if your customers click on these pages, you can redirect to different pages or pop up pages connected to your domain, or you can display the content you specify from the content area.




Let's click the add new button to create a dynamic page.





The operations you can do with the Dynamic Page are as follows.



It is the field where you can add the title of the dynamic page you will create. The title you specified will be in the field you choose depending on the position.


SEO Link

In order for the dynamic page you created to be noticed by the search engine, you must specify the product dynamic page links in this field. If you have created a dynamic page called our contact information, the link of this page may be Here, you indicate that the content of the dynamic page you created includes contact information.




For the dynamic page you created to be active, its status must be on the air.


If you have created more than one dynamic page, you can specify its order from this field.

Top Menu

A dynamic page that you create by selecting the top menu will be located at the top of your site in the field where the categories are located.



If you create a dynamic page in the heading of subsidiary companies and give your affiliate links, it will be displayed in the top menu as shown on the left, and it will go to the redirected pages when clicked.


Left Menu

A dynamic page you created by selecting the left menu will be located on the left side of your site.

Note: This feature is active only if Alignment 2 is selected for the general settings layout. You can provide control by clicking the view settings from the other title and the detailed settings from here.




If you create a dynamic page like "Business Partners" and select the left menu position, it will look like the side.

Footer Area

It is the page at the bottom of the page where information such as about us, contact, etc. are available.





If you create a dynamic page in the title of Guarantee Conditions and write your guarantee conditions in the content, it will appear as shown on the left and when clicked, the guarantee conditions you created will be directed to the content.


The dynamic page you created by selecting the position pop-up will be displayed at the opening of your e-Commerce site.



If you want to alert your customers who enter your site for free purchases of $ 50 or more, you can create a dynamic page with a pop-up position.


When the dynamic page created is clicked, you can type the url address you want to go to.

When the dynamic page you created in the content field is clicked, you can save the content that will appear on the screen. If you have specified a URL, it will be forwarded to the URL address you specified. You can also use the content field to add pictures. The image you add will be used as a pop-up image or on the page that opens with the content you created. You can also make additions to this field using HTML code.



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