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How Can i made Electronic Scale Settings

Wolvox 8 has supporting scales  :  CAS CL 5000, CAS LP-1, LP 1000 N, Densi (ACOM - NDP - Nets), AClass LS2X, Baster (ELT-15 ve ELT-30),DIGI SM-100 AND Online Scales.
When creating a stock record for weighted products in the program, you must write the first 7 digits of the stock barcode number. Other numbers are formed during the weighing of the product and are produced according to weight. If we explain in more detail:

Example : 

 Our Barcode number : 2907022008381

1-) In our Octopers5, Octoplus6, Wolvox6  programs, the first 7 numbers on the label should be written in the barcode field on the stock card for "apple" product.

So Stock Name : Apple

   Barcode : 2907002 record will be like this example.

For this process we click checkbox  "Use Electronic Scales System "  at this path Admin > Settings > General Settings >Sales Invoice in  Octopers5, Octoplus6, Wolvox6 programs and  after clicking button  at near, Barcode number on label;

In Wolvox7,Wolvox 8, we must follow that path Admin > General Definitions > General Settings > Stock Settings > Electronic Scales Barcode Definitions   and we must define  scale settings. And after defining, Barcode number on label;


We write the first 2 characters in the barcode type field. (29) starts with 27,28,29 for barcode type weighted products. If the first 2 characters of the labels you print out from the scale have 27, some 28 and 29, if there are 3 barcode types, we save them separately.

-  We are writing (7) at Stock Code Lenght field (For find stock barcode number  with  2907002 )

- We are writing (5) at Grams Lenght field (00838 part is grams part)

The last digit (1) in the above barcode is the control code of the EAN barcode. This code is variable, not fixed.

2-)  Settings for Wolvox7 and Wolvox8 ;

We must click checkbox "Use Electronic Scales "  at Admin > General Definitions > Custom Settings > Invoice Settings. You do not need to make an adjustment after defining the stock barcode as indicated in step 1.

Attension :  You must change Quantity Accuracy with 3 digits  from Admin > General Definition > General Settings > Stock Settings 

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