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Wolvox ERP "Surplus Goods" Working System


You can use the surplus of goods in the invoice, order and delivery note modules in the current structure by following the steps described below.

1. In the Invoice, Order and Delivery Note fields, you must open a custom field definition on the basis of transaction. You can specify the name of the opened custom field as "Surplus Goods quantity".

2. In the Invoice, Order and Delivery Note modules, you should design the placement of the Custom field that is opened on the Invoice transaction row.

3. After completing the definition of the custom field, you can see the formula definitions from the operations menu and the number of surplus goods as indicated in the picture.


unit price form will be written in the special discount field.

4. After the formula definition, you will need to type a surplus goods amount in front of the special discount title using the text customization feature. In addition to the surplus goods quantity, the surplus goods amount will be seen in the invoice.

5. After text customization, invoice (Sample) entry is required. If it is an invoice with a surplus goods at the invoice entry, it is sufficient to check the Surplus goods amount box from the discounts field. Then, you should write the quantity of goods, unit price and number of suprlus goods. The surplus goods quantity will be multiplied by the unit price and printed automatically in the surplus goods area. The quantity of surplus goods will not be reflected to the general total.

6. You must follow the same steps in Invoice, Order and Delivery Note modules. After these processes, you should design the invoice design as you want. In design, the surplus quantity can be shown next to the quantity field.

7. After making transactions in Invoice, Order and Delivery Note modules, you can get your reports as shown in the sample report below. To get the report, SQL code must be written and special reports are used. According to our sample report, the fields that you want can be added to the report or changes can be made in the format of the report.


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