CODE: A2931

I want to use POS in my transactions. How can I do?

In order to use pos in your AKINSOFT programs, you must first have your 'bank' module in your license. If you have a bank module or have purchased it under license, you will be able to use pos in your transactions if you make the following transactions in order.

Enter the bank definitions.


In the General Info tab, define the 'Bank Name' and, if necessary, other information.


After you have finished your definitions in General Info section, go to the 'Sub Accounts' tab.The marked fields must be filled in.

*Define the account.

*Enter the "Sub account" number.

*Select account type.



Click on the 'Pos' tab in the top menu to switch to the window where you will make the pos definition.

*Select 'Use POS'.


Manually enter the Pos Definition, Installment Number, Provision Rate fields.


Select the account number by clicking the arrow button in the red square in the "Related Account Code" field. Do not enter this field manually.

Enter the value in the 'Due Date' and save.

'Installment' field will be created automatically during registration.

!If the due date is not entered, the following warning will be received and the transaction will not be completed.


The processes for using POS will be finished after you complete your registration.

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