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I Get Error While Sending Sms. What Should I Do ?

 While sending Sms in AKINSOFT Wolvox ERP Program, if you are encountering the error ''You are using an old version of the''Topaz(internal)''skin,Please,update skins to latest or contact the AlphaControls support for upgrading of existing skin.This notification occurs in design-time only for your information and will not occur in real-time.'' you must do the following,

-Right-click on your program's Exe and move to the properties tab, you need to find out where your program is installed.

-You must change the name of the SmsServer.exe file that is located in your Utils folder in the directory where it is installed.

Click Here to Download AKINSOFT SMS Server Program

You should download AKINSOFT Sms Server from the link above. You must paste the SmsServer.exe file from the downloaded file into your Utils file in the folder where your Program is installed.

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