CODE: A2924

Ability to Formulate Decimal Number Enterable Fields

In Akınsoft Wolvox 8 program, mathematical operations have been made to be able to input data with decimal point in forms such as invoices, delivery notes, offers, orders. Accordingly, mathematical addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations are applied in the fields where decimal number can be entered.

Let us explain how it works with an example.

When you press enter key (85 * 18) / 100 in the price field (since this field is a field where decimal data can be entered) in the transaction table of the invoice, the program will calculate the values and transfer the output number (15,3) to the price field.

You can use the following additional methods to create a more detailed parameter.

Additional Methods

Abs (Value1) Example: Abs (85,25) * 25

It is used to calculate the positive value of the real number entered as a parameter (the value in brackets is called a parameter).

If the parameter is positive, it will not change the value of the number. If it is negative then it will return the positive value back.

Ceil (Value1) Example: Ceil (85,25) 
Rounds to an upper integer entered as a parameter.

Floor (Value1) Example: Floor (85,25)

This function does the opposite of the function of the ceil function. That is, it will round the decimal number entered as a parameter to a lower integer regardless of the size of the part after the comma.

It is not important whether the number is negative or positive.

It will always round to a lower integer. (It will return -2.8 as -3)

Trunc (Value1) Example: Trunc (85,25)

Returns the exact part of the decimal number entered as a parameter.


Frac (Value1) Example: Frac (85,25)

Returns the decimal part of the value entered as a parameter.

Exp (Deger1) Example: Exp (85,25)  
Accepts the number entered as a parameter as the exponent of ”e” ( 22/7 ) and takes its power. 
(If 2 is entered, "e" will be squared)

Int (Value 1) Example: Int (85,25)

Returns the full part of the value entered as a parameter in real numbers.

Round (Value1) Example: Round (85,25)

It is a function used to round the real number entered by parameter to an upper or lower integer according to the value in the decimal part. The first digit in the decimal part will be rounded at the top if it is 5 or greater, and rounded at the bottom if it is smaller.


Sqrt (Deger1) Example: Sqrt (85,25)  

The parameter returns the square root of the entered decimal number.

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