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AKINSOFT Wolvox ERP – How to activate the link of "Quitting SMS List"?

If you are using SMS system in AKINSOFT Wolvox Erp program and you want to add a link to "Quit from Sms List" to the messages you send, you can follow the procedure below.

On the mass sms sending screen, after you have marked the clients to be sent sms, mark the section "Send the link of quitting SMS list (Reserved link for 66 characters)" in the lower section. This section is located in every field where you can send sms.


After pressing the "Send" button, an SMS will be sent to your clients as in the following example.

Your clients will be added to your blacklist automatically when they click on the link in the sms. In this way, your next sms sending will not be sent to your clients in the blacklist.

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