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You can make your plans with "shipping system" in WOLVOX ERP program.

The purpose of the shipment system was developed in order to enable the shipment planning and delivery tracking of the companies that want to ship the products by vehicle.
Order and Service modules must be included in your license in order to use the Shipping System. The steps for activating the delivery system are as follows. Addressed sectors, white goods sales and service businesses, furniture sales and service businesses, etc.

1. Specify Montage Time: Open a custom field description on your saved stocks of the type to be delivered. To create a custom field definition, go to the "Custom Definitions" tab on the stock card record and press the "Settings" button at the bottom. The definition of the custom field that you open must be numeric.


Then write the estimated mantage time of the product you recorded in the custom field definiton. For example, if you montage a sofa set in half an hour, type 30 in this field.


2. Additional Time Definition: Create additional time definitions such as delivery time by using the custom field definitions on the order module. The additional times you save will be reflected in the shipment time. Custom field definition must be numeric.


If you want to enter additional time on a product basis, use the Custom Field definitions in the transaction on order Field. Custom field definition must be numeric.


3. Activating the Shipping Module and Custom Field Adding: After creating a custom field definition, go to the "General Settings" field in the "Admin" menu in the program. Select the "Service Settings" field and click the "Vehicle Workload" tab in this field. After selecting "Use Vehicle Workload System" option, match the custom field definitions that you created. After pairing, click "Save" to complete the registration.


4. Service Vehicles Definition: When you activate the vehicle workload system, "Vehicle Definitions" will be active in the service module. You need to register the vehicles you use for the service from this field. When creating a vehicle definition, you also need to select your employees who use the vehicle you registered. After defining your vehicle service personnel as client, you have to select "Service Staff" option from "Custom Info 2" tab in the client card record.

5. Creating Order Record: After completing all the necessary definitions, you can start data entry. To create a shipment planning, you must create a received order record. When creating the received order record, go to the "Additional Info 1" tab and specify the date and time your customer wants to receive the product from this field. You can also select the vehicle from the same field.


If you wish, you can check the Occupancy Rate of the vehicle at the specified date in the "Vehicle Workload Control" field. You can view the workload as a schedule from the "Chart" tab.

When you create a received order record, the program will automatically create a service appointment record.



Service appointments can be found in the "Service Appointments" field on the service module. The service personnel who will deliver the product can print the service appointment list and follow the addresses to be delivered on a daily basis.

6. Post-Delivery Transactions: Your service personnel makes daily deliveries according to the routine schedule and opens the record of the receipts that are delivered to the "Service Appointments" field in the program. Selects the products delivered from the service appointment record screen and changes their status to "Completed". Completed service appointment is saved by transferring to service slip.


7. Operations for short deliveries: Service appointment record is opened to reassign vehicle workload for short deliveries. The product which is not delivered from within is determined and new vehicle and new delivery information is entered. After the missing product is delivered, it is transferred to the service ticket and the process is completed.

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