CODE: A2916

Document Tracking Module in WOLVOX ERP Program


With the document tracking module in WOLVOX ERP program, you can save all kinds of documents you need. By using the warning system, you can ensure that the document is received and processed before the validity date. In addition to the existing document entry field, you can open custom field definitions and customize document entries for your use. With the file attachment feature, you can select the files you want to associate with the documents and store them in the program database and disable your completed documents.

Its use is completely flexible depending on your needs. If you wish, you can match the documents you have created with your clients or stocks, and you can choose from your current client and stock records. However, there is no obligation for client and stock selection. The choice of client and stock is optional.

To create a document record, move to the document record field under Other Processes


Document No

You can make use of these numbers in queries by giving the document number to the document definition you will create.


This is the field where you can specify the document definition you will create.

Group – Middle and Sub group

You can use this data for reporting by selecting the group, middle and sub group of the document you will create. You can define group, middle and sub group definitions from the Admin module.

Record Date - Warning Date

The date you created the document record. System history is reflected in this field. You can have the program give a warning before the duration by specifying the document a few days before the document expires in the Warning date field.

Custom Code 1,2,3

By entering custom code information, you can make queries according to the custom code you specify in reports.


You have to select the client who is related to the document from this field. For example, if you have saved a contract with a client as a document, you can select the relevant client from this field.


The stock to be associated with the document. If you are going to save your contract with a client as a document, you can choose the stock subject to the contract from this field.


By specifying the status of the document, you can make inquiries according to the situation in the reports and pass the expired documents to the archive.


You can specify the content of the document that you created by making note entries related to the document, and you can write information about the document process.

Custom Field Definitions

By creating custom field definitions, you can create fields according to your needs by shaping the document tracking system in accordance with your usage.


You can associate files related to the document tracking system and access them quickly when you need them. In addition, the files you add will continue to be stored in the database even if they are deleted from your computer.


From the document list field, you can retrieve reports of previously created documents and open document records if you wish.

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