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WOLVOX ERP and Caller ID Integration

Thanks to AkinSoft WOLVOX program Caller ID feature, when your customers call you with a registered number, you can ensure that the customer information is automatically displayed on the screen. The information that will appear on the screen will vary depending on the program you use.

Required Software: AKINSOFT Caller ID Server program must be installed on your computer to take advantage of Caller ID feature. Our Caller ID supporting software are WOLVOX pre-accounting, WOLVOX Restaurant, Netemlak.

Required Hardware: To use this feature supported by our programs, you must have a Caller ID device. The device may have 2 or more ports depending on your needs. Our program currently supports CI2 (systems) and Arg Caller ID devices. You can also use different brands in connection with the serial port. Serial port usage requires custom Settings from within the Caller ID Server program.


To see technical features and price information of the Caller ID devices that can be supplied by us, please visit


Usage: Simply connect the device to your phone line and computer, have the Caller ID server program installed on the computer to be used, select the relevant brand and select the option "Caller ID active". You can test whether it provides communication by clicking on the "Test Port" button in Caller ID server program. If the tests from AKINSOFT program have failed, complete the tests by installing your device's own software on your computer. If the device is running smoothly in its own software, please check the notes at the bottom of the article on the reason why AKINSOFT does not work in the program. Then the following settings should be made according to the program you are using.

WOLVOX Pre-Accounting: The "Caller ID is Active" option in the "Caller ID" tab must be selected in the "Custom Settings" field from the "authorized" module. The Caller ID communication port number must be the same as the number specified in the Caller ID server program. After setting the "When Receiving a Call", "Your Area Code" and "Calling Number Display Duration", you should click the "Save Changes" button.


WOLVOX Restaurant: From "Menu", enter the "Program settings" field and enter the "Caller ID" tab in this field and select "Caller ID active". The Caller ID communication port number must be the same as the number specified in the Caller ID server program. After adjusting "Area Code" and "Calling Number Display Duration'' you need to click "Save Changes" button.


NetEmlak: "Caller ID "should be selected in the"Admin'' field and "Use Caller ID" should be marked. The Caller ID communication port number must be the same as the number specified in the Caller ID server program. To complete the operation, click on ''Apply'' button.


Note-1: In order for the feature to be active, the ability to view the dialed numbers of the connected phone line must be turned on. If this feature is not on, you should contact Turk Telekom and have it opened.

Note-2: The port number of the AkinSoft Caller ID server program must be the same as the Caller ID port number of the AKINSOFT software you are using. Otherwise, you may encounter problems with the connection. No additional adjustments are required for CID2 (systems) and ARG brands.

Note-3: CIDSHOW caller id does not have a port setting.  The connection is automatic.

Note-4: Caller ID server port setting is for Caller ID receiver programs.

Note-5: A single program communicates with the device at the same time. Caller ID server or other programs cannot show the number while the Test program is running. However, if Caller ID server is connected to the device, other Caller ID recipients can show the number at the same time.

This means that if both your test program and Caller ID server are on, the alert does not go to both at the same time. Therefore, you must close the program that you will not use.

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