CODE: A2907

WOLVOX ERP program formula definition operations over invoice

Using the formula definition fields, you can transfer values to the "Quantity" field in the invoice transaction area or to the transaction specific field definitions you have entered based on the formula definitions via invoice in WOLVOX ERP program.


Let's see how the system works


First, open one of your saved invoices and go to the "Formula Definitions" field in the "Transactions" field. The “Formula Definitions” screen will appear. During the formula definition process, you can extract data from invoice, invoice transaction table, client card record field or inventory card record fields. You can press “Shift + Space'' buttons in the formula definition field to see the data fields. Data tables and field names will be displayed.

You can also perform fixed number entries depending on your need.

Let us illustrate the operation of the system based on a company calculating the amount by measuring the width and length. Since the width and length entries will be calculated instantly on the invoice, first create the custom field definitions for the invoice transaction area.


When defining a custom field, make sure that the data type is numeric. After this process, when you come to the formula definitions field, you will see that the custom fields you defined are added to the formula fields. While calculating the quantity, to get the product of width and length values, click the “Information” field with the mouse while ”Quantity” is selected and press “Shift + Space'' buttons on your keyboard. First select “Width'' on the screen that appears. It will be added as DB(FATURAHR.OZELALANTANIM_No). Since the operation is multiplication, press the multiplication key (*) of your keyboard and press ''Shift + Space'' again to select “Height”. Click “OK” button to complete the process.



After this process, when you enter the width and length numbers in the custom field definitions that you open in the invoice transaction area, the amount will be calculated automatically. You can create formula definitions separately for all invoice types, such as purchase, sale, return.

Based on this example, you can create formulas and shape them according to your usage.

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