CODE: A2905

Version Mismatch Error On AKINSOFT Wolvox ERP

If you receive this error message when you run AKINSOFT Wolvox ERP on the client computer, it states that Wolvox ERP program's newer version has been installed in the client computer than the version in the server computer. To solve this, after all the users close Wolvox programs, Wolvox Control Panel in server computer is closed by double clicking ''Quit Program'' option on Admin menu. Then the copy of the folder (For example, the C: \ AKINSOFT folder) on the server computer where the program is installed is taken to a different directory by copy and paste. Wolvox Installer program is downloaded and installed from our website and all Wolvox programs are updated.

One of the reasons for this error is that the Wolvox Control Panel program has not been updated, although the Wolvox ERP program has been updated on the server computer. In this case, Wolvox Control Panel should be updated as well.

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